Protecting your health – and everyone else’s

Now that people are going out and mixing with each other more, it is important to think about how you can protect yourself. Even if you are staying at home most of the time, almost everyone comes in to contact with someone (e.g. delivery person, healthcare visitor). 

Coming in to contact with just one person may not seem like a big risk. But when you meet them you could pick up germs from anyone they have met in the last 2 weeks. And anyone that those people met in the last 2 weeks too! Have they ALL been careful to avoid catching the virus?

So even when fewer people have the virus, if you or the people you meet are coming in contact with more people, you have a greater chance of catching the virus. This website will help you find out how to reduce this risk.

Joe only met one person this week, but this person passed on coronavirus. The green arrows show how the virus travelled between people to reach Joe.

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